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How important is it to feel good? How much have you struggled to keep a good health and self-esteem? Obesity is an issue, and not a simple one, it always feels like you have to sacrifice so much to be comfortable with your own body and sometimes following diets and methods that never worked just gets you to a point when you just want to give up.


We all know that men’s and women’s bodies are different, but do we know how differently our bodies work inside? Why does it seem like men loose weight and keep their shape so much easier and faster than women? What makes us so different from each other?


It may sound confusing – wasn’t the recipe for weight loss so simple? Eat light and exercise is what I’ve always heard and what I’ve been trying to do my whole life, but despite all the efforts, I was still above weight.



Hormones! Yes, they are that important.


Leptin is the hormone that is responsible to send a simple message to your body – speed the metabolism and burn fat – the higher is your Leptin level, technically, faster is your metabolism.

But with women it is not that simple, because they do not respond to this hormone-like men do, so even though women tend to have even higher Leptin levels, their bodies just won’t get that crucial message: burn fat! Why? Because all of that fat is seen by the female body as a good thing to keep energy and safety for the baby when a woman is pregnant – nature can be complicated.


When following a diet the Leptin level naturally drops for both, men and women, but it can decrease twice as much for women, making our metabolism slower and the diet, again, will never work and even if it does, you will gain weight right after you stop the diet.


Of course there is hope for women to lose weight, otherwise, I wouldn’t be here writing to you, after a lifetime of trying to lose weight. We just have to use the right tools to change our metabolism, to make it faster, and this has nothing to do with sacrifice and never eating your favorite foods ever again. Yes, there will be chocolate and ice cream. Yes, you can still order pizza.


Science is on our side: The Venus Factor is a nutrition program that will increase your metabolism in a simple way, without sacrificing anything, not even your time. They even have a virtual nutritionist to help you choosing what to eat, focusing on the areas of your body where you mostly need to lose fat; the difference can be seen right in the first few weeks.


Joining the perfect nutrition for your body to easy and quick exercises it will become even easier to speed up your metabolism and burn all that unwanted fat. It is not necessary to spend hours at the gym; The Venus Factor Workouts will suit you even if you have the tightest schedule. Because yes, even the exercise part works completely different for men and women, there are even exercises that will only work against your weight loss and not help at all. And yes, you can properly exercise from home.


When I first found out about this program I was so tired of trying to lose weight, I had given up and I couldn’t hear the words “diet” or “gym” anymore. I felt a complete failure.

Because this is totally different from anything I heard before, I decided to go ahead and try, one last time. And it worked. It is really all about avoiding the foods that will raise your Leptin resistance and right after I started, before I lost any weight, I was already feeling better and a lot healthier just because that is what proper nutrition does to you which also guarantees that your weight loss will be permanent.


But remember, this program will only work for women, as I said, women couldn’t lose weight because they were doing it the men’s way, so guys, be on the look out for men specific programs.


Trust in science and people who spent so much of their time to bring solution to our lives, burning fat was never hard; we were just doing it the wrong way.

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